Sweetheart Fairies

This collection contains Fairies connected with love, be it mother's love, true love, or any kind of love.  We start our collection with our fabulous Valentine's Fairies. Each of these fairies is wearing a shaded rose, and is clutching either a pink fluffy teddy bear or bunny and red gem heart, and they are wearing flower caps topped with a pink gem ontop of their beautiful curly hair. Each fairy is also wearing matching gem slippers. Our Valentine's fairies are pure magic! They would make a super present for not only Valentine's Day, but any other occasion where you want to show how much someone means to you and how much you love them. We will be adding more Sweetheart Fairies to our collection soon, so please call back again. 

sweetheart group VD_edited.jpg

As you can see our flower fairies are as pretty from the back as they are from the front. Each one is lovingly handmade in our Fairy Workshop here in Cornwall. And as with all our fairies yours will arrive in her own little box to protect her on her journey to your home. 

We're sure you'll be pleased with your fairy and if you can bear to part with her to give her as a gift, she will shower love like fairy dust in her new home.