Special Occasion Bottle Fairy

Special Occasions Fairy for that something a little more luxurious. She is dressed in an off white lily dress trimmed with iridescent gems at her waist and a single yellow rose in her hair, she is wearing silver sparkle slippers and hugs her bottle of wine tightly. She is easily removed from the bottle, simply slide her arms over the neck of the bottle to release her. Her arms and legs are posable, and easy to bend making it simple to adjust her pose so she perches on a shelf or bookcase. A charming unusual and unique gift that you won't see anywhere else! Truly special!

Special Occasion Fairy is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduation, births, and any special occasion of your choice. 

Our Bottle Fairy will sit comfortably on all wine and most spirit bottles, and makes a charming alternative to decanting wine or having plain spirit bottles stood around.