Registering An Account

Registering an account on the site is easy, look for the 'Log In'  on the top right of every page next to the purple shopping bag . Just choose a username and password and signup, or you can also register with your Google+ or Facebook Account (a gmail email).


Your account is totally private, no-one can see it but you, not even the head fairy! So please remember your username and password, although should you mislay them, you can get the site to send a link to your registered email to reset them. 

The benefits of registering your account is that you can easily see and keep track of your orders. And also you'll be able to receive updates with our newsletters when the fairies add new designs or products to the site. 

There is also added benefits of having an account, as registered members will receive first choice of discounts and special offers prior to them being published on the main site. 

The site is still evolving, and in time there will be more member interaction, groups, a blog, and lots more fun things. 

If you encounter any difficulties registering your account, please use the 'Email' link at the top of each page, to send us a message on our special fairy contact form,  and one of our fairies will be only too happy to help you out. But please be patient, as they are very busy making new fairy doors in the workshop but they will reply to you as soon as ever they can! A fairy's work is never done!