Where has the week gone?

Hello Humans, we've been so busy we have lost track of time, not that time matters much to us fairies, as we are eternal spirit creatures!

We have been busy making more fairy doors, due to the high demand, and there are so many fairies needing new homes, we're so happy you are helping. Each fairy door that leaves our workshop means another fairy can find an adopted family to watch over.

We've added some new Basic Fairy Door designs, and another Royal Fairy Door, this one is for fairy Kings, Princes, or Nobles. There are lots more designs on the way in our Royal Range and they will be put into our shop this week coming, as long as we can get those pesky pixies to behave! Once they get together with the elves, it's mayhem in the fairy workshop.

The woodland elves have been helping catch dew from the woodland plants so that the wildlife have had water to drink, in this hot weather, so have been kept very very busy the last few weeks. Thankfully with the next few days of rain, the ponds, streams and rivers have been able to refill themselves and the hollow tree stumps are once again are full of water for the thirsty frogs and insects.

We will be busy this coming week, while the weather is cooler, with new themes for our doors, and we will keep them as a surprise for you!

Oh I hear shrieking again from the workshop, tea break is over, and those pixies are causing uproar again! So I will say cheerio humans and see you again soon!

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