Welcome to our 3 new fairy dolls

We have 3 new fairies to introduce to you today. They are in our Small Flower Fairies section of our shop. In pretty flower dresses that compliment their dusky complexions, each one is just so pretty!

Aren't they just too cute! There will be more in this collection soon.

We may introduce them into our large fairy collection, we haven't decided yet, the trouble is we don't want to let them go as they're too special!

We are busy working on a new line too, Valentines Day fairies, and our special collection that's so secret it's still under wraps!

That's if the Cornish Pixies can keep quiet about it, but the Elves seem to be keeping them under control for the time being.

Now the evenings are drawing in and the nights are getting colder we have to light the lamps of an evening to work by, and it smells wonderful in there. Lavender oil makes just the best relaxing scent and a wonderfully bright light to work by. So when bedtime comes around, we can just flop into our dandelion seed beds and drift off to sleep.

Thank you for stopping by and reading our blog. We hope we can tempt you to buy some of your Christmas presents from our Fairies Workshop, everything we make has a little bit of Cornish magic in it!

Chat again soon humans!

Lots of Love

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