Time to sit and relax!

Even us fairies like to sit around and relax from time to time, it's very tiring flitting around from place to place, not to mention coping with the Cornish Piskies and the Elves. So we thought you'd like our new line in our shop, they're called Shelf Sitter Fairies. They're really cute, and sit on shelves or any flat surface where their legs can dangle down.

Here they are! They are fully poseable, which means you can bend and move their arms and legs to suit wherever you want to sit them. They're skirts are made up from 2 flowers! A top skirt with a frilly flower petticoat, this helps them sit properly. Each one has either a ladybird or a bumble bee nestling amongst the petals and each fairy has a silk rose in her hair. They're approximately 3.5" to 4" tall from the tip of their heads to the bottom of their skirts, and of course they all have their magic wand so they can sprinkle their fairy dust and sparkle from wherever they are. There's lots of different combinations but this is our first selection of 7.We are very proud of our Shelf Sitter fairies, and we think you'll love them! You can find them in our shop under Shelf Sitters.... *giggles* who'd have thought!

As well as our Shelf Sitters we're busy making our Guardian Angel fairies next. These will also be Shelf Sitters, so they can sit and watch over you or whoever they are given to and protect you with their magic and love.

Well that's about all the news from the Fairy Workshop today, we had been so busy at Christmas that we have been spending our days tidying up and getting ready for the New Year projects. So I will wish you a Happy New Year humans and we look forward to seeing you in our shop soon! Remember all our items are sent post free within the UK and we have a very competitive flat rate for anyone outside the UK.

Lots of Love

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