They've been working through the night

The fairies have been working through the night to produce yet another design of fairy doors! They are so industrious!

The latest design is part of our Animal theme. Remember there are already Scottie and Westie dog fairy doors in our shop, as well as that wacky googly eyed sheep, well now the fairies have added Lucky the black cat to the range. He keeps us safe in our workshop and in our fairy hideaways when we sleep. He's got the most wonderful emerald eyes, so they have used a sparkly emerald gem for them.

At the moment there are just 2 colours available, Lemon and Lilac, but I think there will be more to follow.

And later today I heard a whisper going around the workshop that they are going to start on some new doors, in the Animal range, Greyhounds, Dachshunds and others. So keep an eye on our shop because you never know when the fairies are going to surprise you!

Well I can't sit here all day chatting I have work to do! Nice chatting with you thought! Have a lovely day won't you!



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