The VIP Doors are here!

Well the fairies have finally got around to presenting their first VIP Fairy Door!

These are a lot bigger than their normal fairy doors, so it's taken them a little longer to produce. At the moment there's just the one design/colour available, but there will be more coming soon. The VIP fairy doors are almost 5" x 4", give or take a gnats whisker.

They're made from responsibly sourced Birch wood, from our magic woodland of course! It took a lot of effort to get the wood prepared, first of all the fairies had to bribe the elves to go and cut down the tree, and as you know elves are not keen on hard work, they're much happy playing games and practical jokes! But eventually they went off with their tiny hacksaws and lunch boxes to cut the tree down. Once it was down, and what a fuss they made about that, shrieking at the top of their voices like banshees 'TIMBER!' that they woke half the wood up!

Once the tree was down, they then spent a while scratching their heads wondering how to get it back to the Fairy Workshop. So they asked a passing Cornish Pixie if he would help and perhaps get a few of his friends to help too, as it would be much easier to carry with more helping hands. Jasper, the Pixie agreed, and after a few moments came back with half a dozen of his clan. A giggly group, but willing to help.

With much laughter and a few grunts and sighs, they dragged the tree back to the workshop, where the fairies made cups of tea and buttered scones for them, while they got their breath back. Fanning them with their wings to cool the elves and pixies down, as the poor things were quite hot and bothered.

The next step was to cut the tree up, remove the bark for other things, and slice the trunk into more manageable pieces. This was done and the elves then proceded to cut the VIP doors and windows so the fairies could paint them.

As you can see, this all took quite a while, it's not just a case of waving a wand as most people think. But they have produced one door and a few more are on their way.

VIP doors are usually for very special fairies, those that like to hold get togethers, parties and banquets, so they have to be larger than the other fairy doors. It's no good having a small door when you have dozens of fairies, elves and pixies jostling to get in and out, is it?

So that's whats been happening in the Fairy Workshop and woodland for the last few days.

Now I must get back to my job of checking everything is just so in our shop! Oh silly me, I almost forgot, you can see the VIP Doors in the VIP section of the shop *giggles* .


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