The Royal Door Collection

We have added a few more designs to our Royal Collection of Fairy Doors.

A medieval style castle door with vines and gems, with copper fittings is ideal to keep your fairy princess safe or to let people know your fairy prince lives within!

We have also added Royal Rainbow doors, each door the colours of the rainbow, with a choice of silver or gold frames. There are accent gems studded around the frames. They really are wonderfully bright and any Royal fairy would love to have one!

Lastly we have added our lucky horseshoe style fairy door, with beautiful copper horseshow, door knocker and handle. This has diamond gems studded around the edge too.

The fairies really have done themselves proud with these doors. They are much much bigger than our other fairy doors, so we had to instruct the Elves to help us, which meant the Elves had to gather the Cornish Pixies together and march them to the magic wood to cut down a big tree as our wood stocks were getting low. A few of the Pixies were already in the wood chasing the unicorns and playing hide and seek with the foals. But once the Pixies saw the Elves and the other Pixies coming they soon gathered up some tools and found a lovely big tree to cut down.

They were gone most of the day and it was twilight by the time they dragged the tree into the workshop where they swiftly sliced it up ready for us to make our doors.

As a reward the fairies laid on a sumptuous feast of wild berries, fruits and nuts that the sprites had gathered earlier along the river bank.

A joyous if not rather noisey evening was had by all, and the following day after the workshop had been tidied up we (the fairies) started to work on our Royal Collection fairy doors.

We do hope you like them, and we hope perhaps you'll have one in your home so you have your own clan of fairies.

Take care humans, and chat again soon.


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