Taa daaaa!!!

OK pixies you can stop the drum roll now..... I SAID STOP THE DRUM ROLL..... ahem... sorry humans, sometimes those Pixies just get too carried away with things! And the Elves aren't here today to keep them under control.

I can't really blame the Pixies for being so excited, we've finished 4 of our 12 Birth Month Flower Fairies, and they are now in our Fairy Shop. The fairies are working so hard to get all 12 months finished because we know you'll want one to give to someone for Christmas or even a birthday if theirs is October, November, or December.

Each Birth Month Fairy is wearing the flower of her birth month and has her birth month spelt out on her dress in pretty rainbow alphabet beads.

This is October Fairy and she is wearing a bright Marigold dress.

Each Flower Fairy also carres a really tiny cute fluffly teddybear under her arm. He is so adorable!

You've already met March Fairy in her bright yellow Daffodil dress. Isn't her hair fabulous? Must have taken hours to get those ringlets looking so perfect!

Each Flower Fairy also has matching delicate wings, the Pixies spend hours picking out to leave just the skeleton of the leaves and then dye them so each Flower Fairy can have a beautiful pair of leaf wings.

This is November Fairy, she is wearing a peachy orange chrysanthemum dress with matching gems scattered along the hem, and her birth month again in pretty rainbow alphabet letters. She's clutching her teddybear very tightly! And can you see her gems on her little feet? So adorable. She has dark brown curly hair and has a peachy ribbon tied into the back.

August Fairy is adorable. She has long flowing blonde hair and is wearing her birth month flower dress which is a yellow poppy. She too is holding onto her teddybear tightly. They seem to love those little bears!

Her birth month is on her skirt as is a tiny bumble bee. She's very pretty in yellow, with matching wings, and goldy yellow gems on her little feet. She has a yellow ribbon in her hair.

So there you have them! Four pretty Birth Month Fairies. The others will be added as soon as we have finished making the. We do hope you like them, they will make super unique presents for someone, or something really different as a treat for yourself.

It's been nice chatting but I must fly, those Pixies are throwing things around the Fairy Workshop, they really are very naughty!

Speak again soon,

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