Steaming ahead!

We fairies like to keep ahead of the trends, and it may be old hat to you humans, but to us fairies it's new! What's that you ask? Well let me tell you, *leans forward and whispers* we have surpassed ourselves in the Fairy Workshop! We have added a brand new (to us) design and we think you'll love it!

It's our Steam Punk fairy door! Complete with metal cogs and steam pipes! I can safely say that the trendy Elves amongst us and those pesky Cornish Pixies have already put their orders in.

Because of the nature of the materials used in these Steam Punk doors they may vary slightly in design. It all depends what the Elves and Pixies can get their hands on, and we all know they Pixies are not that eager to carry anything too heavy back to the workshop for us.

But we will try to get them all looking as much like our first door as we can!

Now I must fly, it's past something o'clock and time for me to ask the hedgehogs nicely if we can have some of their unwanted spines to make paint brush handles to go with our wood pigeon chest feathers, and woodmouse fur for the bristles.

With love,

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