Some Sparkle For You

Hello Humans, our fairies have found the sparkle pots hidden behind the mirror in the Fairy Workshop, I think the Cornish Pixie's hid it there! So they have used some on their two latest door designs. The new doors can be found in our Basic Fairy Door range, one is light green and one bright orange! They like bright colours as they're so cheerful!

They look much more sparkly than they do in the photograph's. The butterflies on both doors have raised wings too, which is really pretty. The orange door has hologram flowers in the window panes. The green fairy door has a dusting of gold fairy dust all over it, but don't worry, it's special dust that doesnt contain any plastic to polute our beautiful mother Earth.

It's a pity the sparkle doesn't show for you to see, but it certainly brightens up the Fairy Workshop when the light catches it.

We hope you like them.




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