She loves me, she loves me not.....

We all love to play that game at some time or another don't we? Even us fairies!

We've been gathering flower petals to make Flower Bead Fairies for you! Then after waving our magic wands at them, they turn into pretty frosted flower beads so you humans can have them as lucky charms.

There are 20 different colour combinations altogether, so there will be something for everyone we think. We hope you like them.

We had to watch those pesky Cornish Pixies again. We had instructed them to go to the crystal cave in the magic wood and pick some silver lined crystals for our fairy charm's arms and legs. They were afraid to go into the cave, because that's where Ermintrude our friendly dragon lives, and she had her babies recently, but she wouldn't harm the Pixies. She's a soft old thing. We couldn't ask the Elves to watch the Pixies because they were busy grooming the unicorns in the magic wood and gathering flowers and berries, and other things that they do. We're not quite sure what. They're warrior fairies really, and although there hasn't been a war between the fairy clans for as long as that and maybe longer, they still like to think they have a duty to protect us. Which of course they do.

This is another fairy charm we have made for you, she's a Spirit Fairy Charm or as you humans call them, Guardian Angels. She's dressed in a lily petal and has Tibetan silver and Swarovski crystal beads. She's quite a delicate little thing, as are all Spirits.

You can find all these fairy charms and more in our shop of course, in the Fairy Section! Fancy that *giggles*.

We do hope you like them, we are moving onto our next project which is Ssshhhhhhh a secret, so I mustn't tell you! But you will soon see them arrive in our shop!

Time for me to fly again! I have to pick the sloes from the hedgehog's spines ready to make some sloe liquer for a big banquet that's coming up soon or shortly or thereabouts.

Take care humans! Bye for now xxx

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