Right Royal Fairy Doors!

We are so tired.......

Hello humans! Candy here to tell you what my band of fairies have been up to the last few days. They have produced some lovely new fairy doors for you! There are greyhound/whippets, large black dogs that could be any breed as they're silhouettes, and little dachshunds. They tell me there are more to come, different breeds, but that will be in a day or so probably.

They've been chasing those elves and pixies to bring them some big chunks of coloured crystal from the secret crystal mine that's hidden deep in the magical wood. The elves have been supervising the pixies, who insist the cave is haunted by a fierce dragon and were refusing to go down there for the crystals. Excuses of course! Well partly. There is a dragon lives in the cave, but he's far from fierce, infact his offspring are delightful creatures that love to play in the woods with the unicorns, but they tend to get carried away and puff flames which singe the flowers.

From The Royal Collection

Anyway enough of their frolics and back to what I was saying. The fairies have now comleted the first batch of doors for our Royal Collection. These are mega huge doors, well to us anyway, perhaps not to you humans! They are much much bigger than our usual fairy doors, and much more lavish. Befitting a Royal Fairy of course! You can find them in our Royal Collection from the main Shop menu. They are designed to be used inside rather than outside, but if you have a really sheltered spot outside where they wouldn't get wet, then they should be fine.

I must fly........ catch you later humans!

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