Phew! It's jolly hot in the workshop!

We have added our new 2nd Generation fairies to our shop we hope you like them. They are more glamourous and detailed than our 1st Generation fairies and you now have the choice of sitting or standing fairies. Our new standing fairies are on a wooden base so you can stand them anywhere you wish. They are long legged fairies, and like all our others they have posable arms and legs, this helps to adjust them so they stand up safely.

There's also our new 'Clan Fairies', we have the Poppy Clan, Carnation and Rose Clans. Perfect for collecting!

We are still sending out our fairies in protective boxes so they arrive safe and sound, and they're also sent out post free within the UK and we offer a competitive flat rate for our customers overseas.

oooooh and before I forget, we've changed our menu system on our website, so now its much easier to see all the different sections listed on one page.

Now I must fly off to see what those Elfs and Cornish Piskies are up to, I can hear lots of shrieks and laughter, they've been down at the magic pool splashing around to keep cool, but annoying the water nymphs. It's hot summer days like this I wish I was a mermaid rather than a fairy! phew!

Chat again soon humans! Take care!

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