Our new Flower Fairy Collections!

Due to the popularity of our pretty little 3" flower fairies we have made some larger ones, and they are just as adorable as their smaller sisters, reaching the heady heights of 6" which is quite big for us fairies!

As with our small flower fairies these larger ladies represent garden flowers, and wild flowers. No two are identical as they are all handmade by us in our Fairy Workshop here in Cornwall.

The elves and pixies had to rush around to pick the blooms before they dropped, as there is a distinct nip to the air now Autumn is on the way. But they worked so hard gathering the blooms for us, and bringing them back with the help of the unicorns, who kindly pulled the carts. Great fun was had by all, especially those cheeky Cornish pixies, but we won't mention what shenanigans they got up to!

Halloween will be here soon, as you know. And here in Fairyland we do love Halloween, we dress up and visit each other's homes, sharing the feasts of nature and putting our tiny feet up after working so hard all year. Some of us like to dress up for Halloween too, nothing too scarey because the Sprites are easily frightened. And this year we thought we'd share our fun with you. So we have made two Halloween fairies for you. They are 6" tall and both wear a witches hat ontop of their curly black hair, and they have foil halloween decorations on their hats and skirts.

There are two Halloween designs. Purple Poppy with Black Chrysanthemum and Orange chrysanthemum with Black Dahlia. Both are really pretty! And like all our Flower Fairies they are posable, which means you can bend their arms and legs so they can stand or sit wherever you want them.

The photographs don't really do them proud, whether that's the Pixie's fault or our camera is a little ancient who knows, but they are very pretty.

We have also begun making our Angel Flower Fairies. They too can either go ontop of your tree or sit on a shelf and watch the festivities. Or you can leave them out all year round as your Guardian Angel to watch over you.

They are very beautiful Angels.

Again, two designs are available, both 6" tall. There is Chrysanthemum Angel or Dahlia Angel. They have golden flowing locks of hair topped with a gold halo, and wonderful angel's wings. There's glitter galore too! So they will sparkle and catch the light wherever you choose to put them. These take a little longer for us to make, because of their intricate wings, but we think we've done ourselves proud! We hope you like them, along with all our new large flower fairies.

And as always our flower fairies arrive in their own little box to protect them on their long journey to your home.

Well I must dash, I promised Mr and Mrs Hedgehog I would take some freshly dropped oak leaves in for their winter nest. See you soon humans! Take care!

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