Mini Me!

We have added some very pretty miniature flower fairies to our shop! They each represent a specific garden flower, and there are more on the way. They are approximately 3.5" to 4" tall and their flower dresses are silk petals. Each fairy has a magic wand in her hand to help cast spells.

Each one of our pretty fairies is produced by us, by hand, in our Fairy Workshop here in Cornwall. No two fairies will be identical, because we're all different aren't we? Unless we're twins of course.

We have Halloween Flower Fairies in the pipeline for October, and these fairies will be dressed in black flower dresses with witches pointy hats and a broomstick!

And as Christmas will soon be here, we have our Christmas Flower Fairies and Angels who will be available from November.

Each flower fairy will arrive in her own little box, to protect her from damage during her journey to your home, so if you want to give her to someone as a gift all you need to do is wrap the box in wrapping paper!

You can find our Flower Fairies from our main menu under 'Shop' and the Flower Fairies are the last link in the shop menu. As usual they are sent post free within the UK, and for our friends outside of the UK, we offer a very good flat rate shipping fee.

Have a lovely day!

With love,

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