Welcome to the Fairy Workshop!

This is the newest part of Bonnie's Fairy Doors website. Let me introduce myself, my name is Candy and I'm the Head Fairy. It's my job to make sure all the doors are painted properly, packaged neatly and safely and all the emails are sent out to customers to let them know their order has been received, is being processed and when it's on it's way! Its a very responsible position!

Head Fairy

The Fairy Workshop

It's always hectic in the fairy workshop, everyone has their job to do, and it can get quite messy. Especially when we're really busy and we have to ask the Elves to help us, when they get together with the Cornish Pixies there's always lots of fun takes place!

Did you know you can subscribe?

If you subscribe you'll hear first about any special offers and discounts before they're put onto the website. You can also track your order and see your past orders.

There's also a page explaining all about us Fairies, our history and the different fairy clans and groups and our roles. We're not all sweet and innocent, there are some that are quite mischievious!

We hope you enjoy your visit to the website, it's very magical and mystical here at the fairy workshop, and as you know Cornwall is the home of legends and myths, and us fairies feel right at home here! So we want to spread that magic and sprinkle a little fairy dust on our visitors. We won't promise to post here every day, but when we get time, we will post up new designs and the latest news from our workshop to share with you.

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