Jingle Bells In Fairy Dells

Hahahahaha Hello Humans! Are you all excited it's almost Christmas?? The Elves have been busy sorting out presents and the Pixies have been given the job of putting all the parcels into geographical areas ready to be loaded onto Santa's sleigh. But they seem to have more fun playing with the reindeer who have come down from the North Pole to pull the sleigh. There's a few new reindeer this year, so they have to be trained to pull the sleigh and know what Santa wants them to do. I'm not so sure Santa did a wise thing entrusting them to the Pixies to make sure they had plenty of food and water and comfy beds to sleep on. We all know what those Pixies are like for getting up to mischief. Old Bramble Fairy has already salvaged her winter underwear from the reindeer antlers a couple of times amidst sniggers and giggles from the Pixies.

It's wonderful in our workshop making all our products and singing along to the Christmas songs, sadly not all of us have good voices and it only takes one to be off key for the singing to end up in hysterical laughter.

I've taken a few minutes from the chaos to show you our Limited Edition Christmas Rose Fairy, she's holding a banner made from alphabet buttons in candy colours which says Merry Christmas. Isn't she lovely?

Her pretty red rose dress is edged with lots of silver glitter.... you can never have too much glitter can you?

She has golden ringlets with a pretty green rose bow at the side, and she's holding a glittery soft pom pom in her right hand as well as the banner.

She has ruby red jewels on her feet and tiny ones dotted around her skirt.

And of course her wand, no fairy goes anywhere without her wand. Never! Not never! No how! Oh no!

One of our special Christmas Fairy Angel's is already ontop of someone's Christmas Tree, watching over her new family from up high. All our Fairy Angel's come with a silver tie to hold them safely onto the tree so they don't fall. The last thing you want is for her to drop from a great height in Aunt Fanny's sherry is it? Or even worse sky dive into the Sherry Trifle *giggles*.

Doesn't that tree look fabulous! *sighs*

And doesnt she look fabulous too! She is wearing a beautiful white chrysanthemum dress with oodles of petals dusted with iridescent glitter, so it sparkles in the fairy lights! Perfection!

She also has a sparkly halo nestling in her golden curls. She's just adorable!

There is still time to order your Christmas Fairy Angel from our shop. Each one is hand made and we aim to send them out 2 days after ordering by 1st Class Mail.

They are available in 2 sizes, large (approx 7" tall) as shown in the photos and small (aprox 4.5").

They are adorable and something unique and special to bring out every year and even hand down through the family!

Don't forget to check out all our products, we've been so busy making bead fairy charms, flower fairies, birthday fairies, and fur fairies too. The fur fairies are perfect for children or for pets! They're just soooo cuddly!

Well I must fly, I hear the Pixies teasing the reindeer again and the Elves are becoming impatient for their tea break! It's all happening here this month!

Bye for now humans, take care!

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