Hello humans!

Well what a pickle the earth is in, isn't it. Of course fairies are immune to human viruses and illnesses, so we're still busy flitting around bringing a little sparkle to people's lives where we can, and we are still busy in our Fairy Workshop making lots of things to brighten these dark days for you.

We've had to change the way we despatch our items, as the Head Fairy has had to self isolate so can't get to a Post Office but we've sprinkled a little magic and made it possible for our items to be sent direct from our Fairy Workshop to your door! Yes isn't that super!

We have 3 flat rates for shipping, 'Letterbox' for everything that will slip through your letterbox, and then 2 parcel rates, Small Parcel 2 and Large Parcel 3.

Letterbox is for things like our Fairy Charms, Pocket Teddies, and our Fairy Doors.

Small Parcel 2 is for single fairies and fur fairies, (and our new Angel Teddies, which are coming soon).

Large Parcel 3 is for a collection of items, so if you wanted to buy a couple of Fairy Doors, together with maybe 2 fairies, and a Pocket Teddy, they'd all go in one Large Parcel 3 box.

The prices are on our Covid-19 Shipping page in our links at the top every page. We've tried to keep the prices as low as we can and hopefully you'll find them acceptable.

At the moment we estimate despatch around 3-5 days, that's if we don't have what you want in stock and have to make it. But with the situation as it is with everyone at home and ordering lots of things online, the couriers are very busy so delivery may be a little later than we'd normally like. We did think of getting those naughty elves and pixies delivering for us but they just can't be trusted and would cause more problems for everyone!

Well that seems about all the news regards our Fairy Workshop at the moment. We're busy in our spare time making sure everyone has a little sparkle in their days, so if you see a little glitter catching the sun, a dewdrop on a spiders web, a tiny rainbow reflection somewhere, or a huge rainbow in the sky, then that will be us letting you know that nothing lasts forever, and these dark days now will pass and when they do what a celebration we'll all have!

So take care dear humans, stay safe and remember to spread a little love and sparkle in each day.

Love from everyone at The Fairy Workshop

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