Hello Humans!

We have some new fairies in our shop, to compliment our beautiful fairy doors!

Yesterday we put 3 in our shop, and today we have 2 more for you! So please spare a minut to take a peek! We're so busy at the moment with our Christmas collections it's nice to take a breather, I love to sit and sip my honey dew cocktail and nibble on a rosehip cookie and just look at all our flower fairies, fairy doors an fairy charms. We're certainly ready for Christmas! And don't forget Halloween will soon be upon us, and our Halloween Fairy Dolls are just so impatient to go to their new homes in time for the spooky fun!

Miniature Halloween Fairies

Here is a recap of our recent Flower Fairy Dolls

Aren't they just adorable!!

And don't forget to pop one of our beautiful Fairy Doors or a Fairy Charm in someone's stocking this Christmas!

Crystal Fairy Charm

Flower Fairy Charm

There are dozens of Bead Fairy charms to choose from, and dozens more Fairy Doors!

Angel Earrings made with our Bead Fairy Charms

Rainbow Fairy Door from our Royal Collection

Have fun looking around humans! I must fly now, I need to check up on the Elves and Pixies, we are going on a picnic this afternoon if the weather holds, and I hear tell we're off to the Rowan Glade or thereabouts, whereabouts and hereabouts! Take care!

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