Fur Fairies?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Well of course there are fur fairies, everyone knows that, and fur angels too. So we thought you'd like our new line, our Fur Fairies. They are available in 4 designs, bear, dog, bunny and cat, and you can choose from 25 different colours. This one is a dog Fur Fairy.

They are made in anti-pill fleece, have felt eyes and noses stitched on, so can't be swallowed and hypo-allergenic filling. They are softly padded so nice and cuddly for little hands or paws and have softly padded wings.

They are fully machine washable and you can put them in the tumble drier too! They are approximately 8" tall and quite slim so they'd tuck into a pocket very easily.

Each Fur Fairy has our bright label tucked under a wing, with our website address, email address and telephone number on. So when people ask where you got your Fur Fairy from, you can tell them!

We think they'll be very popular for Christmas, because they're suitable for both grown up humans, children and pets.

Infact we might make some tiny fur mice fairies for all those kitties out there and put some lovely catnip inside them from our Fairy Garden.

Now available in our shop!

These are now available in our shop, there's 2 choices, main body colour and tummy patch colour, and if you can't decide what colour tummy patch just click on lucky dip and we'll choose one that contrasts your main body choice.

Here's some of the colours our Fur Fairies are available in (image below - top row from left to right ):

Light Burgundy, Red, Turqoise, Pale Pink, Nude Peach, Light Blue, Royal Blue, Daffodil Yellow, Rust Brick, Orange, Moss Green, Dark Grey, Beige, Brown, Light Grey, Purple, Magenta Cerise, Pink, Plum, Cerise Pink. And colours not illustrated are Lime Green, Lilac and Lemon Yellow.

That's all my news for now humans, I must dash, as you know I have to keep all the Elves and Pixies in line! There would be chaos if I didn't. They've been teasing old Sugar Plum lately because she's old and has arthritis and grumpy with it. They're very naughty!

Cheerio for now humans! Take care,

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