Fairy Charms!

We have been taking a break from painting our Fairy Doors, and tried something different, the Pixies and Elves needed a wee break, as usual, so we sent them into the magic wood to play with the unicorns, and having run out of doors to paint, we decided to make you some Fairy Charms! 

We've made a few different designs, some are floral themes and some are normal beads and glittery bits. And there are more designs to come! The charms all have a lobster claw clasp, so you can hang them from anywhere you want to,from your purse to your phone, or on a keyring. Our cousins the Mermaids have given us the lobster claws which we carefully magicked so they are silver coloured and much smaller than when they belonged to our friends the Lobsters. You can find them in the 'Fairies' section of our shop.

We've also made some lovely earrings with the charms too. Infact all our charms can be made into earrings.There's a choice of stamped sterling silver ear wires, silver plated ear wres, and silver plated ear studs. You'll find our earrings in the 'Fairies' section of the shop.

There are more fairy items being added to the shop as we're gearing up for Christmas! So keep checking back so you don't miss anything! Now I really must fly, as I'm to be having supper with Mrs Thistledown, the old wise fairy from the Buckthorn thicket deep in the Magic Wood. She's a wonderful cook and what she can't do with a cauldron and a handful of berries isn't worth worrying about. Chat again soon humans! Take care! 

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