Does Size Really Matter?

Well that depends! Fairies come in different sizes, there are fairies like me, who are Royal Fairies and come from a long line of fairies that can traced back to the beginning of time almost and have always been Head Fairies, Princess or Princes, Kings and Queens, as our clan suggests. We're Royal and larger than other fairies. So being Royal we need a large door, like the gem encrusted one here in the photo, *whispers* this is my actual fairy door!. These are much grander than other fairy doors, and have to cope with lots of other fairies visiting the Royal Fairy Chambers and other Royal fairies visiting from their fairy realm.

Next come the large sized V.I.P doors which belong to fairy V.I.P's. Who'd have thought eh? *giggles* These are used by important fairies that hold regular meetings and banquets and must cater for large groups of fairies, pixies and elves attending. There is always such a rush to be first there and there is always a crush at the door!

After the V.I.P doors come the medium size Basic fairy doors *like the smaller one in the photo above*. These are mainly all the same size, depending on whether they belong to a fairy, a pixie or an elf. They are very pretty doors, as befits a magical being and some even feature earthly animals, birds, insects and baby dragons!

Lastly come our smallest fairy doors, these are in our Rainbow Bridge and Custom door range. They are just as pretty as the Basic doors, but have a special purpose, they are for the tiny spirit fairies. The spirit fairies are tiny creatures, hardly visible with your human eyes, although you might glimpse a tiny sparkle, and if you do, it will be a spirit fairy visiting. They have two roles in Fairyland, one is to guard and care for loved ones and pets that now live over Rainbow Bridge which is just a breath away through the Rainbow Bridge Fairy Door. The other role is to be responsible for sending out our other custom doors making sure they go to the right person, especially if it's a birthday or special gift. So they make sure that if someone has ordered a door with a special name on it, then that door reaches that person!

So size does matter in Fairyland, and each door has a purpose, the same as your doors in your world.

Now I must get back to the Fairy Workshop and see what those mischievious Cornish Pixies and Elves have been up to, I can hear their laughter! Take care humans!


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