Do you have a Guardian Angel?

Everyone has one of course, you can't see her but she's there, watching over you.

We have made some Guardian Angel's that you can sit in your home or anywhere you like, that you can see. She is very beautiful. She has angelic white hair with a silver wrapped halo, pure white Marabou feather wings, white Dhalia dress with iridescent sparkle on the petals, a pair of diamond effect slippers and tiny pearl belt around her waist held with a white satin bow. She's also holding a Tibetan Silver heart shaped charm, enclosing the Tree of Life in her left hand.

Isn't she adorable? She will happily sit for hours watching over you or whoever you gift her to. Any gentle breeze will ruffle her wings to give them movement.

She is fully poseable like all our other fairies and angels, which means you can move her arms and legs so she can sit, stand or lie down.

You'll find her in our shop in her own section 'Guardian Angels'. She is the first of our Guardian Angels, we will be making some smaller ones soon so you could put one in your car or somewhere you wouldnt want a large Angel.

She is approximately 20cms tall, (10cm from base to tip of head, and 10cm long legs).

As with all our fairies and angels she will be posted in a strong box to protect her and post and packing is free within the UK. For all overseas buyers, we have a great flat rate shipping fee, so you could maybe buy some more of our lovely fairy items and pay just one shipping fee for all of them.

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so don't forget to take a peek at our gorgeous Valentine Sweetheart Fairies. They too are about 20cms tall.

We hope you like both our Valentine Sweetheart Fairies and our Guardian Angels. Must dash, as ever I am needed elsewhere! Something to do with an argument over who's teazel belongs to who! The woodland fairies are getting busy to teaze the lambs wool for the bird nests and the water sprites want to use them as lanterns. It's not always peaceful and quite here in Fairyland!

Bye for now humans! Keep safe!

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