Christmas is coming!

Christmas is coming, it won't be too long now. The leaves in the magic woodland are gradually turning yellow, amber and red and will soon carpet the ground for winter.

We have been busy in the Fairy Workshop preparing, helping gather in the acorns, nuts and berries for the wild creatures that share the wood with us. And putting a few morsels by in our own winter larder. And now we have finished we have welcomed in our cousins the Christmas Holly Fairies. They are busy all year doing fairy things here there and wherever, but at this time of year they are looking for new homes where they can be with humans for Christmas and share in the festivities.

They are breathtakingly beautiful, as are all us fairies, but there's just something about them that makes them different from us. Each one of them wears a deep red carnation dress draped in contrasting green holly with it's ruby red berries at the waist and a matching hair decoration too. Their hair is as white as winter snow, and they have such enchanting emerald green eyes! They are quite bewitching!

Infact we're not sure which of our holiday fairies are the prettiest, our cousins the Halloween Fairies are pretty stunning in their purple or orange poppy dresses overlaid with black chrysanthemum petals, cute pointy witches hats, and carrying their broom with their black cat perched on the handle. And Halloween isn't far away is it? Just a few more weeks and we will be partying in our workshop and keeping our fairy lights on all night to keep the ghosties and ghoulies away. *whispers* they don't really exist you know, we made them up so we can flit around unnoticed *giggles*.

So if you'd like to take a look at our Halloween or Holly fairies, they are now in our shop. There's even some weeny tenny incy bitsy holly fairies that are just the right size to hang on your Christmas tree! And they're small enough so that if they take a tiny nibble of your festive treats, you won't notice!

I must fly now humans, I have to find those pesky piskies, I can hear them giggling somewhere and I just know they're up to mischief again. Now the elves are busy helping Santa the piskies are taking advantage and running amok!

Bye for now humans!

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