Birthday Fairies

We have an exciting new line coming within the next week or so, our beautiful Birthday Fairies. These fairies will be wearing the flower and gemstone of their birth month. These won't be real gemstones of course! We have produced March's fairy as a trial run, isn't she pretty?

Our Birthday Fairies will all have pretty curled hair, some black, some blonde, some redheads, some brunettes and even some grey!

Each Birthday Fairy will also carry her wand, as all fairies should, and a cute little fluffy teddybear tucked under her arm.

They will be around 8" tall from top to toe and have intricate wings that compliment their flower dresses.

We think they'll be very popular! And a super present for someone on their special day.

We will let you know when they are ready to go into our shop, so you can order yours!

Take care humans! Lots of love,

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