All About Unicorns

Unicorns live in groups of four or five. The head of the family is an elder unicorn who is hundreds of years old. Other family members include a loving couple and one or two young unicorns.Unicorn families spend their lives alone living in peace deep in the forest. When two unicorn families meet, they express great joy and travel together for weeks before they part and go their separate ways.

The unicorn may eat grass and hay, but it really doesn’t need to eat at all. It absorbs its energy from the sun, probably through the horn. Unicorns can be any color, from jet-black and brown to dazzling gold, brilliant red or pure white.

Anyone who touches a pure white unicorn will find happiness and joy for his entire life.

The unicorn’s eyes are sky blue or purple.Unicorns are earthbound and do not have wings. If a unicorn and a Pegasus (a flying horse) mate, the babies may become flying unicorns.

Divining Truth: The unicorn is thought to hold the power to divine truth and will pierce the heart of a liar with its horn.

Supreme Strength: According to Jewish legend, the unicorn can easily kill an elephant, a testament to its immense power and strength.

Purity: It is believed that the unicorn is attracted to purity and innocence, giving rise to the legend of the virgin and the unicorn. According to this ancient legend, only a virgin sitting naked under a tree holds the power to capture a unicorn. Seeing her beauty and pureness, the unicorn reportedly will venture close and lay down beside the virgin placing his head in her lap, where the hunter can then kill or capture him.

Untamable: It is said that even if the unicorn is captured, it can never be tamed.

Fairies are the only creatures that can ride a unicorn because they are both magical creatures .which is why you may see a fairy out in the woods riding a unicorn, and she may even have a young dragonling with her too.

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