Pocket Teddies

Pocket teddies were used during WW1 and were sent to loved ones who were fighting during the war so they had a little bit of home with them. Those pocket bears were either knitted, made of felt, fabric or small traditionally made teddy bears with joined arms and legs. They were usually around 4" to 6" tall and just the right size to slip into the top pocket of a soldiers uniform. Bringing comfort to whoever owned one.  In the 21st Century our pocket bears are between 3.5" and 4.5" tall and approximately 3/4" thick. They designed to be thin enough to slip into a childs pocket or schoolbag, or slip into an adults pocket or bag, so they can accompany their owner wherever they go.


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group of brown_orange bears.jpg

Each pocket bear is needle felted from sheeps wool and is approximately 3.5" -4.5" tall

and 3/4" thick. They have glass eyes and a cute little tail.

Each bear wears a snazzy bow tie to compliment the main body colour. 

They are a simple design but each bear has it's own character and will reach out to you personally so you won't have a problem choosing your favourite because your bear knows who you are! 

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