Guardian Angels

This section is dedicated to our beautiful Guardian Angels. They are adorable. 

Each Guardian Angel carries a Tibetan Silver Heart shaped charm with the Tree of Life in the centre together with a tiny heart and a small diamond effect gem.  She is wearing diamond efect gem slippers and has a belt of tiny simulated pearls around her waist. Ontop of her stunning white hair is a silver halo. Her dress is pure white with iridescent sparkle on the petals. Her wings are pure white Marabou feathers. She is truly adorable.

She is approximately 10cms tall from base of body to tip of head when seated, with 10cms legs, so overall she is 20mms tall. She will arrive in her own protective box to keep her safe on her journey. She is completely poseable, which means you can move her arms and legs so if you wanted her to stand up or lie down rather than sit on a shelf you can bend her limbs to allow her to do this. 

She will watch over whoever owns her, spreading her love and protection.

Each Guardian Angel is handmade in our Fairy Workshop here in Cornwall, so no two are truly identical even though they may look the same. She will make a wonderful present for someone you care about and will watch over them for you!